Enneagram & MBTI Studies

The Enneagram is a useful tool for self-awareness and improvement, by identifying the core motivating needs and fears for each Enneagram types. Once you know your instinctual responses, you can work eliminating the traits that inhibit you from being your true and best self.

Enneagram 1: Anger and Perfectionism

Enneagram 2: Pride and the Histrionic Personality

Enneagram 3: Vanity, In-Authenticity and the Marketing Orientation

Enneagram 4: Envy and the Depressive Masochistic Character

Enneagram 5: Avarice and Pathological Detachment

Enneagram 6: Cowardice, Paranoid Character & Accusation

Enneagram 7: Gluttony, Fraudulence, and Narcissistic Personality

Enneagram 8: Sadistic Character & Lust

Enneagram 9: Psycho Spiritual Inertia and the Over-Adjusted Disposition


MBTI Personality Typing

MBTI proposes the 16 personality types perceive and respond to the outer world and other individuals in unique ways, with a focus more on the perspective of their dominant function. Extroverted and introverted functions offset each other, with the inward functions being more abstract and unique to the individual using them, and the outward pointing functions being responsive to reality and how the individual accomplishes things in the world. Due to mass misinformation online about these types, I have chosen to reference only one book in my compilation of the basics of each type. I aim for simplicity in order to avoid confusion between types.

The links will take you to in-depth and accurate profiles on each type. The following contains an assessment of the focus and character traits of each type, as reliant on their dominant function.

ESPs   ISJs    ENPs    INJs    ETJs   EFJs   ITPs   IFPs

Character Typing

I've found that personality typing characters is a fun and comprehensive way to learn both theories and have hundreds of profiles on my Fictional Character MBTI Typing Website. Join me as I explore characters new and old and celebrate their strengths and weaknesses!