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To the web's premiere costume drama review collection, home to 2,000 reviews of period dramas new and old. Includes content descriptions so you can decide whether a movie or series fits your personal tastes and preferences. Feel free to browse; maybe you'll discover a new film to try!

Funky MBTI

Learn MBTI

I have personality typed over a thousand characters, as well as written typing guides and introductory insights into MBTI and the Enneagram. Whether you want to learn your type or just find out Emma Woodhouse's, there's something for everyone! Start Learning!

16 Kinds of Crazy

16 Kinds of Crazy

Learn all about the sixteen Myers-Briggs Personality types in my new book, which lets you see through each type's eyes. Learn more.

Charity's Novels!

Get caught up on The Tudor Throne series before the final installment this summer!


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